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Semiconductor wastewater treatment MVR evaporator equipment

05 Jul, 2024 2:21pm



In the semiconductor manufacturing process, the issue of wastewater discharge has always been a focal point of concern in environmental protection and resource recovery. The characteristics of wastewater from the semiconductor industry include:


1. Complex Composition: It contains a variety of organic solvents, heavy metals, acids, alkalis, as well as other chemical substances, posing potential risks to the environment and human health.

2. High Concentration: The concentration of pollutants in the wastewater is usually high, and direct discharge without treatment can severely damage the ecological balance.

3. Poor Biodegradability: It contains organic substances that are difficult to degrade biologically, making traditional biological treatment methods ineffective for complete decomposition.

4. Strong Corrosiveness: The presence of acids, alkalis, and other corrosive substances may damage equipment and pipelines.

To address these challenges in the semiconductor industry, MVR (Mechanical Vapor Recompression) evaporators offer an efficient solution. Here is a detailed introduction to the Semiconductor MVR Evaporators:


Introduction to Semiconductor MVR Evaporators


Semiconductor MVR Evaporators are high-efficiency energy-saving evaporation devices designed specifically for the semiconductor industry, utilizing mechanical recompression technology to recover useful components from wastewater and recycle water for reuse.


Components of Semiconductor MVR Evaporators


Heating Chamber: Heats the raw liquid to induce evaporation.

Separation Chamber: Effectively separates steam from concentrated liquid.

Compressor: Compresses the steam to provide thermal energy for reuse.

Condenser: Condenses the steam back into a liquid for collection and treatment.

Control System: Monitors the entire evaporation process to ensure stable operation.




Technical Principle of Semiconductor MVR Evaporators


Semiconductor MVR Evaporators use the principle of mechanical vapor recompression, where the generated secondary steam is compressed and heated before being sent back to the heating chamber as a heat source, significantly reducing energy consumption and enhancing thermal efficiency.


Advantages of Semiconductor MVR Evaporators


High Efficiency and Energy Savings: Significantly reduce energy consumption and lower operational costs.

Compact Design: Small footprint, easy installation, and maintenance.

Environmental Benefits: Achieve zero discharge standards and reduce environmental pressure.

High Degree of Automation: Intelligent control systems simplify operations and reduce labor costs.


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