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Beautiful Time of Flower Yang "Goddess Festival"

13 May, 2024 2:28pm

In this season full of spring, Weiteya Company held the Flower Yang "Goddess Festival" event, aiming to pay the highest respect to all women. This event is not only a grand celebration of the unique charm and power of women, but also a recognition and praise of the outstanding contributions made by women in various fields of society.

One of the highlights of the event is the handsome guy giving a wreath. A group of handsome young men, holding carefully selected flowers by Vitya, presented flowers and holiday wishes to every female colleague. Wishing the goddess a happy March 8th Festival, even more beautiful and happy!

Vitya Company has also carefully prepared DIY handmade painting activities. This provides a platform for female colleagues present to showcase their creativity, allowing them to unleash their imagination and paint their inner world with a paintbrush. These paintings may not be professional enough, but each stroke reveals the author's personality and emotions, and each work is a unique artwork.

This "Goddess Festival" event is not only a festival celebration, but also a profound experience about beauty, art, and life. Through this series of events, Weiteya conveys a core message - every woman is a unique "goddess" who not only demonstrates extraordinary talents in the workplace, but also plays an important role in the family. They are the backbone of society and an important driving force for the world to move forward.

Wishing every goddess a happy holiday!
Forever healthy and beautiful, shining brightly!