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Trickling love gathers coolness - Weiteya donates mineral water to hardworking sanitation workers

13 May, 2024 2:33pm

Environmental sanitation workers are the guardians of urban beauty, silently creating a clean and tidy living environment for us, and making tremendous contributions to the sustainable development of the city.

However, summer is the toughest period for sanitation workers. The high temperature, scorching heat, and air pollution have brought enormous challenges to their work. Every day, they face the baptism of scorching sunlight, sweat, and dust. Despite this, they still silently stick to their posts, making tremendous efforts for the cleanliness and beauty of the city.

In order to provide sanitation workers with a hint of coolness in the hot summer, Guangdong Weiteya Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. and the Jingshan Environmental Sanitation Bureau jointly launched the "Summer Cooling" charity activity, donating more than 500 boxes of mineral water, hoping that this water can effectively alleviate the thirst and dehydration problems of sanitation workers in high temperature environments.

At the donation event, Director Zheng of the Environmental Sanitation Bureau of Jingshan City, General Manager Yang Pingping of Jingshan Xin Environmental Sanitation, and General Manager Heng Xiaoping of Weiteya Group Hengze Environmental Protection personally brought coolness and warmth to the sanitation workers, expressing sincere gratitude and high respect for their hard work and sweat for the urban environment through practical actions.

This donation not only reflects the care of Weiteya Group for sanitation workers, but also demonstrates our determination and responsibility to actively participate in social welfare activities and contribute to urban environmental construction.

Let's take action together and convey more care and support to sanitation workers, so that they can feel the care and respect of society, and contribute their efforts to the environment and a better life in the city together.